Design Philosophy

Design Philosophy


The intent was to design a comprehensive product for the enthusiast. A product that combines all indispensable features in a clever fashion. Made possible through a small team with a design philosophy of function over form. The result is unique and versatile.

What led to the development of Grotto?


My very first car had many issues but a particular problem was worse than the rest. When driving in traffic, the engine would overheat. It was an ancient beast of a car. I lovingly restored it but I could never get it to idle correctly.

The work around was to avoid traffic, or to use the heater as a secondary radiator. The latter was particularly toasty in the summer months.

I owned that car for a couple years and it left me with a permanent worry about engine temperature.

Multiple years later, I figured out that I didn’t have to worry. I could have a machine do the constant monitoring. Hence Grotto was created and appropriately named after a cool and pleasant worry-free place.

Is Grotto an OEM product?


The goal was to design the product that the manufacturers forgot to include.

A “set it and forget it” solution to engine thermal management. There are no displays or gauges to monitor, it operates quietly in the background.

When the engine temperature rises above the user set thresholds, Grotto will first try to cool off the engine by running the auxiliary fan. If the problem persists, it will draw the drivers attention to the issue.